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Whoa its me  whats up the server isnt sold, its actully nothing near that!!!

So as you know the server ported to another server yes thats actually my friends server and the reason why is because our bungee cord is actully hosted on his box but all our servers on mine. This being the case a few months ago when people would randomly get kicked cus our bungee cord was buggy.

So while working on the reset I thought hey lets bring the bungee cord back on to our box and when i was working on that while deaing with the reset and exams this week, I kinda forgot to port the ip back to our box sorry for the confusion!!!!!

STAY TUNED FOR OUR 1.12 pixelmon server coming out Soon!!!!!!

NOTE: Glaceon will remain up as always!!!!!!!


DolphinsSpitFire yeet yeet hows it going buddy
handyman106 o when is the server gonna be up aided??

Attention player of LunarGlaceon! The Reset is going to its final phase, thank you for waiting I hope you enjoy!

Expect the server to be officaly open on 4-16-18 at 8:00pm EST

The reset changes are the following: 

1. Changed the order of gyms

2. Edited the Shop

3. Removed claims, homes, eco, pixelmon data, ect. (If any grief/stolen item reports, make a post on the forums)

4. Celebration Event taking place 9:00pm EST

5. Future plans are still going to be implemented but we can have the server open officaly for the public for these changes

Sincerly the LunarGlaceon Staff Team

Server Update!

[Manager] ShrekKid69 aWeb Admin posted Apr 4, 18

Attention all Members of LunarGlaceon!

A reset is happening soon! all inventories, pixelmon data, economy, basicly the playerdata will be reset.

The MAP is staying!

(I recommend writing down IMPORTANT coordinates for your stuff in the map)

Gyms are also going to be new! different order to fight them in and new badges, Players HAVE to restart gyms.

Expect the reset anytime! Stay tuned!

Also special suprises await after the reset!


The Lunar Staff Team

jetsonjordan is the server reset
handyman106 o >>>>>>> just to let you know my idea's for the server are in ...
handyman106 o when is the reset ????

Website Update

[Manager] ShrekKid69 aWeb Admin posted Feb 21, 18

Players of LunarGlaceon I have updated the tags and removed the old ones thus removing praticly everyones tags, I already returned tags from Oct. 2017 if you want your tags just ask in the forums or message ShrekKid69.

I also redid the donor ranks INGAME so some people may not have their donate perks, please alert an admin when available for the right rank.

AceTrainer is now full Delibird

The Rival Ranks are now Buizel

The Grunt Ranks are now Sneasel

The Leader Ranks are now Froslass

The Professor Ranks are now Glaceon

The Champion Ranks are now Lugia

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