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Sunday Tourney!

[Lord] BunnyLovelySiren aWeb Admin posted Feb 1, 17

There will be a tourney this sunday, using the basic Tourney Ruleset!

go to:

for more information on the rules! 
Sunday 3pm EST

Vote Shop Introduced!

[Lord] BunnyLovelySiren aWeb Admin posted Jan 29, 17

New Vote Rewards!

Aideed has introduced a brand new section on the website:

The Vote Shop!

Simply click the Umbreon to go to the voteshop

or go to:

Every time you vote on one of the 3 links you will receive one token to spend in the vote shop, where you can get thigns such as rare candy, random pokemon, and if youre dedicated enough, legendaries or donation ranks!

Sadly we cant include all past votes into your points, so we apologize for that, the counter began once the shop was implemented, so go get voting!


Lunar BetaRanks

After working hard for over 1 month we have finally reached the testing phase of our new beta ranks for our server with all new prizes daily kits new items shiny poke, legends and even 100 iv pokemon.

We all chipped in our time to redesign the old ranks to be 50x more op than ever before making you want to upgrade your rank now because the perks that come with them are hard to decline.

After extensive testing of the ranks and player feedback we have finally brought a version that we think we can release to the public so that they have a chance to see all the awsome new updates we added!

Some New features are:

- /pokecolor slot color - why wait for a rare color dp when you can do it your self

- Free 100 iv pokemon for rival and up

- Gurenteed shinies with every rank

- Many new commands and perks

- Daily kits, etc

What's more to come to the ranks?

- Op Weekly/Biweekly kits (with keys, masterballs, donor items and more)

- More Set homes and more /pv slots

- More Claim blocks

- Player suggested feature tell us your thoughts

- Extra vote points for the vote Shop? Anyone!

- Adding /pokecolor to ranks ill do this as soon as possible

Check out the ranks!

Thats all for now we will get back to you soon make sure to check out the new ranks you'll all be amazed by the quality and  perks!

From the staff of LunarGlaceon

Thank you

[Mod] ShrekKid69 You do everything for us and a hard working man, you must really slow down you are the top and best server owner any ser...

Player responses:

- We want a darker tone of the background its to white

- I personally dont like the theme a different theme should be used

- I want my tags I've waited 4 months still tiral helper when im an admin

- Needs more space and stars

Our Response

- Wear sunglasses we need you to go blind while looking at the website its the sun

- You don't like it really I think you failed art class

- Stop crying you nub your always a helper to me admin or not

- You must have your head in the clouds

Lol now being serious we listened to all your thoughts and we want to make it so your thoughts are heard so I decided to remake the website again! So far we're about 80% done still have a few things to be done here and there. The portal will be down for a re do of it on its own also please let us know what you think about the new changes!

From the staff of LunarGlaceon

Thank you

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