These are the SERVER RULES:
Please take the time to Read them. Our goal on the server and website is to create a friendly, fun environment for ALL players. The following rules are in place to ensure that this is maintained. Since these rules were created under the pretense of made up situations that are likely to occur, we reserve the right to change the rules at any given time without notification to be able to handle the situations that are likely to occur.

By registering on the site, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, and accept all rules. Breaking said rules can and will result in punishment that staff deems fit.

If you allow someone to play on your account, you are agreeing to take responsibility for anything said or done that goes against the rules and you will be held accountable if they do so. If your account is hacked, and can provide proof, as in screenshots or a copy of an email stating that your account was hacked, etc, and you have been punished during this time, please make a post about it and staff will look over the evidence.

Griefing / Stealing :
1) Buildings, chests, animals etc. that belong to other players should not be touched without permission from the person who placed them.
* if someone allows you into their base, that does not mean you have the right to open their machines and chests! *
2) Stealing is not allowed from anything that was obviously placed by someone else ( chests, machines, crops, etc )
3) Do not steal another player's loot. If an item drops to the ground when someone defeats a boss or Pokemon, this is their loot. Not yours.

Gameplay :
1) Do not exploit glitches. If you find one, please notify a member of staff in a private message. Do not notify them in public chat.
* Exploiting glitches could lead to a temp or perm ban.
2) No hack mods such as Pokeradar, Gameshark, Fly hacks, Speed hacks among other things. All mods you need to play and enjoy are already on the server.
3) Do not allow other people to use your account while logged in to the server.
4) Do not lend or sell 6iv dittos bought on the shop. Violators will have their dittos taken away.
5) 100 Block Rule: You may not build and/or claim within 100 blocks of a player's existing claim. However you may build closer if the player gives permission. In the situation of a player being gone for an extended period of time, assume they do not wish for you to build near there claim.

Respect :
1) You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, sexist, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player or staff member. This also includes trolling.
2) All staff (and their opinions) are to be respected.
3) Do not spam chat or players with /tpa or force battles.

Chat :
1) Only English is allowed in the public chat. However, you can use any language you see fit in private messages.
2) No advertisement of other servers. This includes in private message. Also do not mention the names of other servers. This counts as advertising as well.
3) Do not use an excessive amount of caps, characters (!!!!!, or yoooo) or foul language. We realize that everyone has moments when it's perfectly easy and not even thought about to cuss, albeit using an insane amount would be over the top and inappropriate.
4) Do not excessively ask staff members the same question, set of questions, or questions pertaining to the same thing over and over again.

Gamemode Creative Rules :
1. Do not give players any items from creative.
2. Do not bypass restrictions on creative by using any modded item or block.
3. Do not use creative to in any way to manipulate the economy system. Anything you make using creative is for YOUR own purpose and no one else’s!
4. Do not sell items out of creative.
6. If you are found to be doing any of these you are subject to a full reset or temp ban.

1. Do not break any of the rules listed above. You are a staff member and you are not above the rules. You are expected to behave better than the regular player base.
2. Do not make threats to players unless they have done something wrong.
3. Do not abuse your powers in any way. This includes muting someone because you think it’s funny, kicking someone with an amusing reason, or teleporting to someone excessively without their consent.
4. Do not bypass any claims unless you have suspicion of rule breaking.
5. Do not cause drama/fights with other staff or players.
6. Nbt edit is a privilege not a right excessive usage after a warning has been stated may lead to de-op and or demotion
7. Abusing Nbt edit in the forum of providing free things to players with out the consent of the owner is auto de op for a period of time and or resting the other parties data