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LunarGlaceon Players, We Have Some News...

A new server is joining the LunarGlaceon community! This new server will be running on  Minecraft Version 1.12.2 and includes all Pokemon from Generation 1 through to Generation 6, including updated models and a bunch of cool new addons! 

There is nothing to fear though, as LunarGlaceon will stay up and running as always! This will not change anything about how LunarGlaceon runs or the amazing experience that the server gives!

This new server once it is set up will be sharing some space on this website, meaning that you get twice the fun updates and news, just without having to look at multiple websites. We hope that you all look forward to this long awaited update. We will also be making some major improvements to the website and discord!

Some people have asked around as to what the theme of this server will be. Will it still have the same spawn? Is the theme still ice related like LunarGlaceon? All we can say is, the tides are changing..

Hello Players of LunarGlaceon!

There's a special sale going on in the shop!

For the month of November, we will be having a 15% off sale on every item in the store!

 Hopefully this is a good start to your holidays, and happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

~Thank You, The Staff Team

Mystery Gift Pokemon

[Manager] ShrekKid69 aWeb Admin posted Oct 28, 17

Hello Players of LunarGlaceon!

Mysterygift Pokemon are starting again next month!

But we have a prize for players that collected the past Mystery Pokemon!


Everyone that has collected the Past Mystery Pokemon:





Contact Shrek if you have these pokemon

Apricorn Farms

[Manager] ShrekKid69 aWeb Admin posted Oct 16, 17

Hello players of LunarGlaceon!

We heard your cries and we heard your pleads you are now able to use apricorns now!

There is now a /warp Apricorn and you will be teleported onto a platform and there will be different paths

you can take to teleport you to the specific Apricorn color! Hammers are now useful again.

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