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Break out the lotion, its time to fill some difficult positions!

Saturday the 23rd to Saturday the 30th  there will be a tourney to decied who get's the open E4 slots.  In order to compete you must be reasonably active(No "I'll become more active if I get e4 promises") and you must have all eight badges from glaceon's gyms. The tourney format will be round robin with each contestant facing as many others as they can before the week is out. Whoever has the most points by the end of the week will be crowned glaceon's newest E4!  Standard tourney rules apply you can find them here  To enter officialy sign up with Bluetinsoldier before or during the event.

~Good luck all you hopefull E4 members, Bluetinsoldier, Gym Admin

Because of the DMCA against pixelmon dev team, we will be working hard to remain relavent in playerbase and new things.
Our #1 goal is to secure youtuber(s)/streamer(s) for Glaceon/
#2 is to finish our reset and stabilize our Sylveon server, which will remain at pixelmon version 5.1.2.
#3 is to then acquire content creators for Sylveon.

Players can expect to have to switch to the modpack for the server in the coming weeks as we release updates to the pixelmon version for glaceon (It will remain on 1.7.10, this just means things like us updating models of the pokemon in the version, we couldnt do this before when the pixelmon dev team was active, but its been opened up to us now so expect great things!

On another note, For the next 6 weeks there will be a new mystery gift pokemon to be claimed named after a staff member. If you place in that weeks sunday tourney you will receive double rewards if that gift pokemon is on your team. This weeks mon is Vaporeon, so good luck in battles!

As of today the applications for Trial Helper will be closed for one week in order to make changes to questions and the application overall.

All applications posted after the time of this post will be automatically denied. All applications up to this point will recieve a decision sometime this week.

After the application is updated anyone reapplying or applying for the first time must use the new format.

Applications will open back up on July 16. 

There will be a tourney this sunday, using the basic Tourney Ruleset!

go to:

for more information on the rules! 
Sunday 3pm EST

Competitors who use a

Galvantula on their team will recieve 2x prizes

if they place.

_Eg_Er_Kul_ i vote and get anything for i had full inv
[Mod] SirHappyFace Can't wait
[RivalS] herecomesjayster well rip that idea :(
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